Featured Profile

Featured Profile
I have a b2b trade portal. In my admin control panel I can manage the members (suspend, delete, preview etectera).

Some of my members create company profiles.

I want to add a check box that would mark a user with a company profile as “featured” then on my front page I would have a menu of links to these featured companies. The link would just be the company name and it would link back to their profile.

I want to just select 4 o 5 members to be featured for as long a I determine.

I am very concerned about performance and I do not want this to slow down the pageload very much.

I currently have links hardcoded on my site that I can show where I want the links to appear.

I think it would be like this,

“if company profile and if featured display company name as url to the profile”

That is my non prgammer code!

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