Games Download Site

Games Download Site
I want all features of these sites i listed above.

– Normally Big Fish Games can post games automatically, but i want to post to my site manually. Because i also want to use other affiliates. For example Reflexive and etc.

– There will be an admin or manage panel to post games, manage categories, featured games, upload images, screenshoots, edit game descriptions and details.

– There will be two homepage for PC and Mac users. It will automatically know visitor’s operating system and will open PC or Mac page as homepage. If visitor use PC, will be opened and show PC games. If visitor use Mac, page will be opened and show Mac games. And there will be PC and Mac buttons for navigating other page. (check for an example to see example buttons above the page)

– There will be navigation bar and links above the pages. (check for an example)

– There will be “Game Categories” links on left of the pages. All category titles will have an icon related to its category. (check for an example)

– There will be “New Relases” or “New Games” on left sidebar. (check for an example)

– There will be “Top Downloads” or “Top Games” on right sidebar. (check for an example)

– There will be “Featured Games” section on the center and top of the page with to show image, flash, or image slider. (check for a flash featured game and for a slider)

– Show newest games below the featured games.

– There will be game image, description, screenshots, download and buy buttons, game rating stars, system requirements on the game pages. (check sites on my other email to see examples)

– After clicking “Download” button, a page will open to ask email address for newsletter and then after clicking “Start Download” button, game will be started to download. (check for an example)

– After clicking “Buy Now” button, it will open game buying page. (check for an example)

– There will be “Game Reviews” and “Hints,Tips and Walkthroughs” tabs to write game reviews and hints tips for the games by users.

– There will be user register option to register for the site to write reviews, hints, tips, and to add games their favorite lists and etc.

– There will be tags for the games and they can be added on admin or manage panel.

– There will be online games section to add online games.

– There will be a simple forum and forum pages will be created for each game automatically after adding a game from admin panel. (check for an example)

– Titles are important for search engines. For this reason there will be option to change titles and some other things related to SEO.

– Links will be simple and SEO optimized.

And many more other things. I want all feautres of and some other features from other sites i sent before. I want a professional and well designed site. I want to work in long term with you to develop it and add new features or to fix, edit somethings.

Everything will be created from beginning and you will develop all things. This project will never ended and we will work together to develop it and add new features.

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