User Specific Contact Form

User Specific Contact Form
We have a heavily modified cubecart 3 site with a multi user setup.

When the user creates their product they specify a contact email address which currently shows up as a mailto link on the product detail page.

The mailto link is created with a tag to pull the users address fromt he databse.

What we would like is that instead a contact {Username} link appears which opens a new window containing a contact form that pulls the users email adress from the database for form submission but does not show the emaail address in the source code.

Please note that smart tags to call the user name and the user contact email address are already in place all you need to do is to code the form.

The form should also log a contact count for each email to the database so we can show it on the site

EG So far xxxxx number of exquires have been sent to entertainers from our site.

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