Mobile Upload 2

Mobile Upload 2
I just want a very basic site that you can upload pictures to from any mobile phone or manually from a computer, and the picture will appear on the website and then be able to vote on those pictures. The pictures need to be able to have a caption to them as well that the person who sends them in can create.

As far as the functions of the site, I would like them to be identical to ‘www.’ On this website anyone can upload text and then people vote on it, I want this same function except I want to be able to upload pictures via mobile phones and manually through any users computer. I would like the site to be organized so that people can see the newest posts first, but be able to browse through

* Recently Published
* Best Today
* Best This Week
* Best This Month
* Best This Year

I would also like some safety feature so that people dont put up pornographic material and if they do it gets taken down. I would like an easy way to manage all the material on the site as well, and easy access so that i can advertise on the site with adsense extremely easy. Thank you.

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