Modify WordPressmu Plugin 2

Modify WordPressmu Plugin 2
I have two WPMU plugins.

1. Supporters
2. Communities

The supporters plugin provides a Supporter Status Function: (so you can limit plugins or features).

$blog_id is optional – will default to $current_blog

if (is_supporter($blog_id)) {
//blog has been upgraded to a supporter
//code or content goes here
} else {
//blog has not been upgraded to a supporter
//code or content goes here

I need you to use this function to limit the “Create communities” function in the communities plugin. So, only supporters can create communities.

Another thing that I need is to add another payment method for the supporters plugin i.e. an offline payment method. So, when signing up as a supporter, they can either pay via Paypal (this is already included in the plugin) or they can choose an offline payment. If they choose an offline payment, I want an area in admin where I can add my own instructions on how to do an offline payment.

When they choose the offline method, I will activate their supporters membership manually.

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