Java Slideshow Domaincheck Box

Java Slideshow Domaincheck Box

I need someone who can do 2 jobs for me.

1. Create a Java Slideshow with images and build the slideshow in my website.
This slideshow is for a hosting website,i need images in it of brands we work with like Dell,SuperMicro etc etc.
I will tell you the brands(about 6),you need to create the slideshow and get some pictures of those brands and make sure they are sharp enough.
After this is done you have to built the slideshow in my website.
Here is an example of a slideshow I like : ,you can see it on the right(Powered by..)

2.Design a domaincheck box and built this box in my website.
Taking care of the images and the style of my website.
Here is an example :
You can see the domaincheck box on the right.

To tell you,the website is in dutch and also I am dutch,but this doesn’t matter.

The budget of both jobs is quite low,maximum $25 for both jobs together.

I need someone who is experienced in different kind of skills,cause I need more to be done soon.

Communication via Google Talk,to discuss my needs in detail.

Payment after the jobs are done via Paypal.

Looking forward to work with you.

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