Wp Plugin Article Import

Wp Plugin Article Import
I need a wordpress plugin to be created which automatically post the latest articles to a wordpress blog on a weekly or monthly basis.

The process should be as follows:
I want to add the article to my database and all wordpress blogs that have the plugin installed, would be updated to have a new post of the new article.

In the wordpress admin panel, they need to
1. select the category they want the article posted to.
2. put in a subdomain that will replace a string in the article
3. put in an affiliate code that will replace a string in the article
4. set the time frame in which articles are to be posted (weekly, monthly, etc)
5. # of articles to first import

Please take a look at http://jvprofitcenter.com/blog/?p=137

That is a good basis to this project with some modifications.

For anyone who has created a wordpress plugin in the past, this should be a simple and easy task.

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