Blackberry Gps Treasure Hunt 3

Blackberry Gps Treasure Hunt 3

I am looking to create a treasure hunt type of game for Blackberry with GPS functionality “BB API”and be added to the blackberry app world.

Game premise 10 questions 10 answers 10 gps coordinates start time end time username leaderboard

All questions, answers and coordinates can be easily changed either through admin section or through the code to create new versions of the game (you can show me how to do that later including compiling the app and submitting it)

The game begins with a few screens of text giving instructions to the players with a next button at the bottom. Then The Game Starts user clicks the Start button and the GPS locates them and shows 10 areas on the map #1-10 the user goes to a location and clicks or enters the location when they reach it or it pops up automatically when the GPS recognizes the area.

A question pops up with an answer screen and the user inputs the answer and presses enter. After that the user receives a response if correct or incorrect if correct the user goes to the next location and does this again. After finishing all 10 areas the user will receive a congratulations message for completing the race.

There will be a start time listed when users press start and when they finish the race. Users can submit race their times to us by clicking a button.

If you bid on this please let me know how you will create it and if you have any past experience on the GPS blackberry system please send me links.

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