Cpanel And Coldfusion Plug-in

Cpanel And Coldfusion Plug-in
We are currently looking for a programmer to develope a cPanel plug-in with the front-end to allow our cusotmer to easily create their Coldfusion data sources. The scope of this project is:

1. Allow the customer to select the Coldfusion add-on during order process (WHMCS).

2. The WHMCS cPanel module needs to be re-written to add the cPanel Coldfusion plug-in to the client account based on the order.

2.1 Coldfusion needs to be added to the Apache conf for the website (s).

3. If the customer cancels the add-on in WHMCS, the plug-in needs to be removed from the account in cPanel.

3.1 Codlfusion needs to be removed from the Apache conf for the website (s).

4. Client needs to be able to create Coldfusion data sources through cPanel and be able to specify the which database it’s going to use.

5. The API needs to be secured and allow only specific IP addresses of our servers (pre-defined by us in a flat file).

This project needs to remain proprietary to Gearworx.

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