Hello Al,
I have a php coded and design done as well.
What I need.
1.Perfection of the design in about 3-4 browsers there will be about 10 pages at the max.

2.I want high level of perfection and I want the job to be done by today only.

3.Watever is your agreed amount will be escrowed to your account and wil be released after my project manager agrees it and THIS SHOULD BE DONE TODAY ONLY NO EXCUSES!!!

4.There will be lots of work if you are able to do it perfectly becoz while working you will understand that this site has many pages.

5.My project manager will take over once I m done with escrowing the funds so u need to be in constant IM with him and get this done today only.
6.If you have read this throuly put a S in your bid.


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