Small Website For Concrete Tan

Small Website For Concrete Tan
Title: Small Website for Concrete Tanks Business
Budget: $550-$800
Listing time: To be awarded 10 Feb
Total project length: Must be live by February 28 Feb (18 days of being awarded)

The business
Our client is a medium sized concrete tank builder who provides water storage solutions for both domestic and industrial customers in Australia.

The project
We require a small website with a generally low amount of text content but with high quality graphic design. The site must be appealing and engaging to commercial visitors (builders and construction companies for industrial projects) as well as retail visitors (purchasers of domestic rainwater tanks).

The site will consist of 5 main pages + 3 sub pages.

We also require a one page PDF designed (in Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign) from a word document for download from the site.

The design
The successful bidder will create at least alternate three styles of the template (supplied as jpg or pdf) using the Home Page content. We will provide feedback, and from this you will develop a final design which you will use to create the site.

The design will:
– be stylish and corporate with an engineering orientation
– including a ‘slide show’ image header on all main pages (except Tell-a-Friend page)

– have obvious, attractive, horizontal navigation
– appeal to domestic and industrial customers
– complement the business logo
– minimise the requirement for scrolling to see content

Structure and Content of the site

Main Pages
Home Page
Rural and Residential
Industrial Tanks
Contact Us

Contact Us Success
e-Newsletter sign-up Success
Tell-a-friend Success

Home page will have 3 paragraphs of text, a banner image and four small images
Rural and Residential will have a small amount of text and 2 or 3 images
Industrial Tanks will have a some text and 3 or 4 images
Contact Us will have a contact form, contact details and map
Tell-a-Friend will have a small amount of text, a sign-up box and 1 image

The Contact Us Success, e-Newsletter Success and Tell-a-friend Success will be a few lines of text only + 1 image

The site will be written in:
• Clean HTML / XHMTL & CSS;
• Adhere to current W3C Standard;
• a CSS based (table-less) design.

Search Engine Optimization

Page ranking is important so you will be able to understand implement on-page SEO. SEO content (keywords) and tactics will be provided by us.

All content, including page titles, page copy and images will be supplied by us.

Provider Skills/Requirements

You will be able to demonstrate:

• contemporary and creative web design skills and experience with designing for service business websites;

• experience with coding for responsive (web 2.0) navigation, on-page SEO and page structures that can be easily edited and updated;

• good communication skills; and
• fast response to feedback and an ability to ALWAYS meet deadlines.

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