Contact Form

Contact Form
I need someone that can implement a few dynamic elements into the contact form I’ve put together. I have a drop down menu where a user would select how many children they have (no more that four). From their selection, the form needs to add an input field for the child’s name as well as a drop down menu for the child’s age range.

Also, I need a select field for the user to pick which location(s) they would like to be contacted from. We have every location’s information (city, state, zip, email address) in a MySQL table. The field should organize the states alphabetically, then the cities alphabetically. Below is an example:

-Select your location(s)-
– Oklahoma –
Enid, Oklahoma 12345
Tulsa, Oklahoma 12345
– Texas –
Austin, Texas 12345
Dallas, Texas 12345

…and so on.

We are adding locations from time to time into this database, so the field should be built in a way that can reflect these changes.

When the user submits the form, an email should go out to one specific email address to be provided along with the locations the user selects. This email should contain all of the form data the user filled out.

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