Build Product Catalog 2

Build Product Catalog 2
We offer a job to complete all the information about a product catalog we need. This job may be done manually or using software developed for this (preferably). We need to obtain specific data of products (about 700 products models, about 53 brands). The required information will be obtained from some manufacturers websites provided below.

This would be the sequence for each product:

1 .- Find the model of each product listed in the manufacturer’s website.
2 .- Write the name of the manufacturer on the cell.
3 .- Write the category/subcategory on the sheet, to each product model corresponding.
4 .- Get the website of the manufacturer, the description, characteristics and write them on the sheet.
5 .- Download the product image in a folder with the same product name of the product.


– The information must be completed in Spanish. This is not a problem because the info will be copy/pasted.
– Pictures of the products should be named with the same name as the model is provided.
– This operation can be performed manually or accept the development of software to do it automatically (we can negociate the budget in this case).
– The name of the categories to be completed in the cells are in spanish, but it provides the English translation.
– It provides an excel file with a product as an example. In the first sheet, you can see the sample, and you can see all categorys in the next sheets.

***If there are any questions, please feel free to contact***

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