Site To Use Amazon S3

Site To Use Amazon S3
I have a stock photo website. It has about 1200 images currently, and they are taking up about 5GB of space on my server. The server is on shared hosting, and I cannot afford a dedicated server until the site has grown much larger.

I signed up for an Amazon S3 account, and I want to use that to store all the images. Right now, when someone uploads an image, the script makes a folder with a number in the /content directory. I would like to make it so that when someone uploads an image, the image is transferred to my S3 account, and when the site is viewed, it pulls the images from there. This will cut down on space and bandwidth usage for my server.

You will need to help integrate the S3 service into the current site. I can transfer the current images there, but I need you to make it so that whenever a new image is uploaded, it will be put on the S3 server.

The site URL is in the PMB.

You will need to show me what you have changed so that in the future I can change it back if necessary.

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