Joomla Project – Fishing Trip

Joomla Project – Fishing Trip
I am programmer who is working on the website The website is an informational website for fishing and it includes a listing of fishing trips. Users can search for and book fishing trips online. (This is similar to or, but all the trips are fishing related).

I need to find a programmer who can help me finish some items that I do not have time to complete.

1) Fishing Trip Search and Reservation Engine
We have purchased Reservation Manager Pro. This is a listing and reservation component for hotel rooms. We need to customize this component so that it works for fishing trips…create new custom fields. I will upload documentation showing all the required changes shortly.

Persons that are Fishing Guides (Joomla user type) would be able to manage their own listings. Add listings, edit listing and delete listings.

2) Fishing Guide/Fishing Company Search Engine
We also need a tool that will allow users to search Fishing Guides…search for and locate guides based on criteria they specify.

3) Fishing Guides/Fishing Companies Display Page
There needs to be a “landing” page for each Fishing CGuide/Company. Display their bio, photo and upcoming trips.

I envision using Res Manager Pro to complete all of the above. However, I am open to different ideas. For instance, we have also purchased and installed JomSocial. If anyone has any suggestions regarding better components that we could use, please let me know.

For your initial response please provide:

1) Pricing. This will most likely change once the document with the complete specs is uploaded.

2) Examples of Joomla components you have worked with and customized in the past.

3) A description of how you plan to achieve the required items…will you use Res Manager Pro or other tools.

4) Time to complete.

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