Vbulletin Q&a Module Plug-in

Vbulletin Q&a Module Plug-in
vBulletin 3.8.4

I want a plug-in that allows users to easily submit a new Question, and allows other users to easily answer that question.

A list of the top 10 questions will be displayed via a template hook ($qaboard). It will also have a small form so logged-in users can post a new question and hit Submit.

– Template hook ($qaboard) so I can place it where I want it
– When user submits a new question, it creates a new thread in a specified forum (controllable via AdminCP).
– Any user can browse that forum and answer questions just like normal.
– Each question on the Q&A board is linked to the thread, making it easier to view/answer.
– Three view/filter options for Top 10 board. Checkbox to enable/disable viewing unanswered questions (open threads are unanswered, closed threads are answered – staff will control this). Drop down to sort by popularity (# of views on thread) or sort by date (most recent questions).

You can see a rough idea at TomsHardware in this screen shot:


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