Facebook App.

Facebook App.
I need a facebook application that will include my 3D Pong flash game, as seen on www.PolarGammon.com Right now, the users have to be logged in to polargammon.com to be able to play the game. Also, after the game, there are players statistics uploaded to this webpage : http://www.polargammon.com/ladder2.php?game=threedpong These 2 features would need to be removed, or modified a bit. I would want a “Top 100” of the high scores people on facebook set, directly on the application, we could use my website’s database for this. There is a “Ladder” button after players play the game, which re-directs them to http://www.polargammon.com/ladder2.php?game=threedpong
We would need to change this so clicking on “Ladder” shows us Top 100 people.
Thanks, I have the flash source codes made in As3 and Flash develop.

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