Write Tutorial About Plugin

Write Tutorial About Plugin
Write a web tutorial page for a Photoshop plugin — a 3D color tool. The tool is called “ColoRotate”. Here’s a video tour:

We would like to have a new page, which is a mixture of a guide and a how-to page, which provides an overview of the various features of the plugin.

To do this project, you will install the plugin (we’ll send you a copy) into Photoshop CS4, and write a detailed tutorial about how to use it for various tasks. The tutorial will have approximately 7 full screen shots of the panel in various states, with annotations (e.g., a line pointing to one of the features), and approximately 15 small detail views of icons or widgets from the plugin.

You do not need to be a native English speaker (we will copyedit what you write), but do need to be able to write clearly for a general audience.

Looking forward to your bid,


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