Kittenwar Website Clone

Kittenwar Website Clone
I need someone to make a website for me.
I’d like people to be able to post pictures for public view so they can vote between the two of them in a quick and easy process. The vote is done by clicking which picture looks better. The win/loss results are shown on the following page under the menu, and the next picture battle is shown.

Basically looking for a clone of

When someone submits a picture they are required to accept terms of agreement, give a picture name, email, and the picture. If the picture is too large it should submit a picture that is automatically resized. If the picture is too small it should auto decline and ask the user to resubmit.

I don’t need user side login’s, only backoffice admin access so that the admin can accept or decline submissions based on criteria manually.

The information should be kept in a database. It should have name, email, photo, date submitted, number of battles, wins, % wins, losses, % losses, draws, % draws.

The menu on the left should be like, except so far we don’t need facebook, myspace. Also it should have a search by name field.

But I would like to have Best of the current week and worst of the current week as an selection as well as Best/Worst of all time.

This needs to be well documented programming, interface should be simple.
References is a must. I want to see what you’ve done before.

This website should be fast loading and the backoffice must be easy to use.
Backoffice should have a list of all submissions and easy to approve or decline.

I’d like this done professionally, but you should have fun doing this as most likely it will be a fun project for you as much as me.

I’m pretty good at logos + photoshop for the logo, but I’m open for suggestions. Again, it’s a simple interface, it should be sleek and fast loading, but very well programmed at the same time.

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