Php Expert For Database Inquir

Php Expert For Database Inquir
Are you a PHP and MySQL programming expert??

Can you write a script, or in our case FIX an existing script where a USER types in some words in a text box. The script then breaks down the written words so it identifies 1 to 4 key words and uses those key words to search a MYSQL database for a string of words that response “answer” what is being asked. This is a Question and Answer script.

You have to be able to break down the question to identify the words to be used to search the database. The key words to look for should be in a database themselves. This is a simple LOGIC process.

Let me know if you can do this, send me samples URL of your work, tell me the TIME TABLE you need and how MUCH to write this ONE SCRIPT!

Once again, we have it written NOW, it is returning mulitple answer files vs JUST ONE.. So it is obviously NOT breaking down the question correctly.

Thank you, Wayne

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