Chat Room And Flash Slideshow

Chat Room And Flash Slideshow

I need a programming in php.
I need a two pages.
One page will need to have a chat room only for members (you can use this script
There is need to be a place where members can announce they are going to broadcast. When they do that it will send an email automatically to everyone who has signed up for the chat room to receive it.
Then a section on that page where they can fill in a time and date of when they will have show going. That will then send the email so all the others know about it.

The second page will need to be a flash slide show like this:
With an option for members to add only one picture in a slide show.
With admin area where I can edit/delete all pictures and members.

The registration for chat room and slide show is need to be the same. The same members can access the chat room and slide show.
In registration is need to be an option for members if they wish to receive announcements and notifications to the email.
Or this option can be on chat room page when they are signed in.
Chat room and slide show users can access only if they are registered/signed in.

Thank you

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