New Joomla Project

New Joomla Project
We need the following project components built in the Joomla platform. Your bid must include the cost for any associated extensions that would need to be purchased to meet the project requirements. Please bid a total amount for both phases as well as the cost to do each phase individually. The timeframe for completion of Phase 1 is 2 weeks.

Please contact us regarding any questions.

PHASE 1: Below is a list of essential components that are considered immediate needs and should be completed before the initial launch of the new website:

a. E-Giving (e-Commerce) – The new website should include the capabilities for electronic giving which will be a new feature for the website.

b. Online store (e-Commerce) – The current website consists of an online book store function which needs to be retained on the new website.

c. Interactive Calendar – The website should have a visual calendar that is interactive which will provide pop-up details about events and meetings.

d. Mobile alert notifications – The website should have an email and text alert function which will allow visitors of the site to request to be notified by email or text, about events, updates, schedule changes, etc.

e. Internal Portal – The new website should be setup with internal portal capabilities to provide a central location for church leaders and administrative staff to post information, store and maintain documents, and submit requests.

f. Security – We would like to ensure that the website has strong security implemented in the design.

g. Photo Gallery – We currently have a photo gallery and would like to ensure that the new website has a section as well. The layout can be changed and re-designed.

PHASE 2: After the initial launch of the website, there are certain items and capabilities that are desired. These items are considered short term needs (tools and functionalities that are desired 1- 6 months after the initial website launch :

a. Social networking plug-in capabilities – The new website should have a section or link where people can be directed to the approved social networking sites. Facebook, Ning, MySpace, and Twitter are some of the social network plug-ins we would need.

b. Video capabilities – The new website should have the ability to handle streaming video formats ( i.e. avi, podcasts, You tube).

c. Online member business directory – A directory is currently being developed and we would like the new website to have the ability to access this directory online. More information will be provided when the directory is completed.

d. Online registration – The desire is to have a page where people can sign up and pay for classes online.

e. Request Page – There is a need to have the functionality where people can log in to request things such as meetings.

Finally, there are long term tools and functionalities that are desired, which are considered low priority, that we would like to implement only if time and budget allows. Those items are listed below so the vendor is aware:

a. Blog Integration – We would like approved users to have the ability to create a blog.

b. Application development – We are interested in creating a mobile application where viewers can look up public organization information or get details on events. This is still in the developing stage and we would like discuss the possibilities.

c. RSS Feed – The desire is to have a feed available to distribute organization announcements and other web content.

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