Modification For Matrix Site

Modification For Matrix Site
I have installed tow matrix scripts on my domain from your scripts :


here is what I want for my site in full details :
1-and I need some modifactions for the “fast pay” script it is 3×3 script that is only three levels deep that is not good for members to even join the site .
what I want for it is somthing like this site script :
see the table of earnings
and I want it 6×25$ for first level untill the seventh level
can you do that
2- I want a link in the main site url for the second script “fastpay”
or tow button one for the first script the subscription and the second one for the fastpay matrix
so members when want to join they can eather choose one matrix or have tow matrixes accounts can that be done and pay for each matrix terms.
3-I have a desing ready I want to install that on those scripts pages.
4- also I have vedio I want it to be installed on the main page and on the refferals pages also .

if you can do somthing for me for that reply with yes and how much is it .

and I will give you cpanel logins for work ,most files are in php language .

thank you

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