Php Forum Script Expert

Php Forum Script Expert
I need a php forum script EXPERT. You have to be familiar with this forum,

It is an open source forum script, so you can download and familiarize yourself with the script. However, bear in mind that I am not using the latest version. I think I am using version 2.0 or perhaps even older.

I need someone who can do a lot of modifications and customization for this forum script. So you MUST BE AN EXPERT WITH php forum script. Again, I repeat, there will be a LOT of modifications required.

PMB if you feel comfortable with this script and I will provide more details as to what needs to be done.

Again, YOU MUST BE EXCELLENT AND 100% TRULY POSITIVELY EXPERIENCED with PHP forum script. You have to be 10000% professional and know what you are doing.

Programmer with no existing Scriptlance reviews need not apply. Sorry about that.


50% escrow upon acceptance of the project
50% escrow upon completion of the project
100% release of your escrow after I have reviewed the finished work to my satisfaction, usually within 3-5 business days.

Do not bid without first asking me for details in the private message board. If you place a bid without first asking me for details, it shows that you do not pay attention to my project details and I will ignore you.


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