I Need My Site To Auot Update.

I Need My Site To Auot Update.
Hello i need my website to be able to auto update. http://www.smokeelectriccigarettes.info is my website. It is a wordpress site. I have a admin section that will allow you to add any type of plug ins. I just don’t know how to add or use it.

So if you look at the site there are already articles. I want those articles to be updated daily. Through RSS Feeds or whatever you know. I just need to to be about Stop Smoking, Quit Smoking, Electric Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes.

I want the site to stay the same. So if you look at the articles and click on full story you are able to add a comment. I want all those features to still be there.

Please let me know what you can do for me and if you understand what i mean. Please send me a discription on what you can do for me.

Thank You

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