Custom Php Registration /poll

Custom Php Registration /poll
I am looking for a custom php script registration/poll script to be built and installed that allows us dynamically add to or edit survery/registration form. This means that we will be able to add new questions to the registration form and choose whether they are text fields, drop downs, check boxes or radio buttons added to the form and whether those options appear in the poll or not as well as thier order in the list..

For example:

In the admin panel we need buttons to “add” and “edit” or “remove” Fields.

We could click an add a new field button. This would then allow us to choose whether we want a text field, text box, drop down, radio button group or a check box group. If we choose dropdown, radio, or check box group a field will come up allowing us to name the field group. Then we can add as many of dropdown, radio or check box variables to the field that we want and give their value and name.

If we add a text field or a text box we would have the option to name the text field or text box. These can be a set size to simplify things.

When we add or edit fields whether they are text boxes, text fields, dropdowns, radio button groups, or check box groups, we also need to be able to organize them in order using a dynamic drop down box that would give us the choice to put them in the order such as “at the top” and “below name field” and “below address field” or whatever fields we have already created.

When we add checkbox, dropdown, or radio button fields in the add or edit field page in the admin panel it will also give us a little check box that will allow this field group to be included in the poll. If we check that box when creating a new field group it would calculate the totals and show the data in poll data output page.

When we have this form the way we want it, via the administration panel, we will make it visible on the site for people to register.

When someone fills out the form it would store the register users information in a database. When someone registers it will use captcha to cut down on spam entries.

As mentioned above, second part of this will be an poll output or data page. This will display the poll calculations. This page will show dynamic bar or pie graphs that show the totals for the “Poll fields”. So not every field is included in the poll just the fields that we select when creating or editing them. Each field will have it’s own pie graph. For example if we create a field that says “how did you hear about us?” The radio buttons or dropdowns we choose to add may be tv, google, a friend, etc.. That will mean on the poll data page it will show a pie graph or bar graph that shows all the options that people have selected for the field. So if no one selects “google” in the poll, then google will not show up in the pie graph or bar graph. The only things that people select in the poll will appear in the bar or pie graph. It will need to give exact percentage totals for each choice for that field group.


Once someone registers it is recorded to a database. We would like a page that displays all the registrations and sort them by the text fields added to the registration form in the order they display on the registration form. Text boxes and the poll fields are not included in this. We need this to show them sorted in a table. If we click a field at the top it will sort in alphebetical order according to that field.. So if we click the last name text field it will sort users by last name. Once someone registers we would also get an email notification. One of the fields we will add in the admin panel for sure is an email field. If someone registers with the same email more than one it will send the email notification to us but it will not add their duplicate entry in the registration database.. Rather it will record how many times they registered. So if someone registers with the same email 10 times they were only added to the database the first time and sent to us in an email. The additional times they register it would only come to us in a email notification. The email notification will mention that this is a repeat entry and how many times that email address has registered.

When someone fills out the form, we may go to a confirmation page or we may have them go to the poll results page. The poll results page will not only show the calculated totals for the poll fields but also give a running total of how many total registrations there are in the database. If we edit the fields in the registration /poll form, it will show the new results on the poll data output page.

I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing–an expert in php and mysql databases. I need someone who speaks english and is willing to use msn messenger to communication as questions arise.

We don’t need a specific design for the site. But I will show you the layout of how we want the form, the admin panel and the poll data output page to appear. In addition, the form and the poll data output pages will have a header and footer include so that I can add my own template design later.

Please do not bid on this if you are a beginner or cannot speak good english. Please be honest about your completion dates.

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