Create Tutorial And Earn Money

Create Tutorial And Earn Money

I’am creating site with tutorials. I need AJAX, Flash ,JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Illustrator, Linux, Photoshop, CSS, Java, MySQL and Python tutorials. This are the requirements:

1.It must be original content and not be published elsewhere on the web.

2.Must be a minimum of 1000 words in length (exeption is flash and photoshop)

3.Should be submitted as Word Doc.

4.Should include illustrations (screenshots etc) if needed to more effectively portray your message

5. Must be submitted to my e-mail with an author biography of no more than 50 words

6. Must not contain affiliate links

7. Must not include links to your own site or the sites of your clients

8. Images for the tutorial must be submitted as separate gif, jpg or png files

9. Images should be no larger than 450pixels in width

10. Downloadable files must be submitted in a separate .zip archive and should include all the data needed to make the example fully functional

I require complete exclusivity over the tutorial for 200 days from the date in which we publish it.
After this 200 day period has passed you may publish the tutorial on your own site if you desire. Any other reproductions of the tutorial, in any form, in whole or part, must be approved by ME in writing before the reproduction is published. I will not be able to publish your tutorial if I do not hold unlimited, exclusive rights.

I will review your tutorial in 72 hours. I pay between $25 to $50 per tutorial.

Contact me if you are interested

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