Points Reward Site

Points Reward Site
Project Description:

An existing site needs to be updated to help users earn points on the activities performed by them on the site. Users can exchange their points with tangible things like iPod, Cell phone and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

*  Points script will work for pre-defined actions that are:

o        Sign-up bonus

o        Posting review

o        Confirmed sign-up for invited friends

o        Adding an event

   * Each action will have pre-defined points to be added to user account.
   * Any new addition to the list would require event to be incorporated in the code.
   * Tracking of delivery of the reward item is not in the scope of this project
   * Admin will be notified via mail of the withdrawal of points. No interface will be provided. (If you need this functionality, let me know)
   * Once reward item is selected by user and withdrawal process has been triggered, it won’t be recalled.
   * No categorization of reward items.

User Site:

   * User will earn points when they perform certain actions eligible for reward points as listed in assumptions
   * List of points & actions for certain duration (from & till date)

   * Points balance will be displayed on the profile page of the user.
   * Reward items listing page will be provided to select the reward item
   * Reward points will be reduced for each withdrawal.

Admin Site:

   * Link to the provide list of actions and their corresponding points
   * Administrator of the site would be able to update the points for a particular action event

   * User listing screen will have a link to increase/decrease the user points with certain value. (Do you want user to be notified for this?)
   * Admin will be notified via mail of the withdrawal of points via email. Tracking of the delivery of the reward item is not part of the project
   * Reward item management is needed. This will allow

         o Reward item will have following properties:

               + Name / Title
               + Image
               + Reward points required for buying the item.
               + Description or text of item. This can include price / features.
         o Add / Update of item
         o Item can be disabled. This will lead to hiding of the item from the user’s item selection screen.

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