Osc Flash Shirt Customizer F 2

Osc Flash Shirt Customizer F 2
I need the following changes made to my flash t-shirt customizer module. You should be proficient in flash, php, and oscommerce to do this.

Can be viewed here:

And a standard product page can be viewed here:

1. When the users click on “View Image”, we open a new popup with a non-editable version of the same designer application, recreate the current design, zoom in till the maximum area and show them to client. We also update the shopping cart to have a hyperlink to the new “view image” change. Hyperlink will be when the customer clicks on the image of the t-shirt from the shopping cart.

2. I would like the shopping cart hyperlink for the product name (the text, not the image) to allow the customer to view the customizer again with all the designing options they made. This will allow them to go back and make necessary changes to the design. Now, I know that when they do that again and they buy that design it will then create another new product in the shopping cart. Maybe we can have a check to see if they want to edit the existing design or buy a new design from it.

3. Debug the Text Tool tab in the customizer. When the customer clicks, we see part of the ‘Remove Text’ button at the bottom is cut off.

4. Fix the Color Tool option on images. Currently it only works on text. Also I would like the ability of the customer to change the color on more than one area of the selected image. So, we have a single .png image with transparent background, a yellow sun, and a green tree. I would like the customer to be able to change the color of any of these using the color tool.

5. Would like an ‘Undo’ button, so the customer can revert back to the last setting change they made. And, a make a ‘Clear All Changes’ link or button, where we can revert back to the default design for that product.

6. We need to make the Add Image tab to display all of the images currently displayed on the shirt. If the customer uploads one or more images, then it will be shown here too.

7. We need to improve the scrolling function of all effected tabs. Currently the customer has to click and hold on the up or down arrow to slowly scroll. We need to add a scroll bar so that the customer can scroll up and down quicker.

8. Take the image design that is currently selected and have it be the image that is place on the shirt when the customer clicked ‘customize’ from product_info.php. For example we have this link: http://www.mysite.com/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=93 . We will make the ‘default design’ be the one assigned to the product already. You will see a field on the products table that says ‘default design’ where you can get this image location. Now, if the customer clicks any of the other design options after that and then clicks on customize then we will take that image as the default image on the shirt instead.

9. On the Choose item tab, after we choose a particular item we see some sizes available that are not correct. We need to get the info from the db so that the correct sizes will display that I have setup from admin.

10. We need to add-to the information that is currently showing in the shopping cart. We can add these, the size: size if any, color: color if any, text: example text if any, image: image name (w/hyperlink). Also we made the name be for example Descendents “Milo Goes To College” T-Shirt, but if we selected another product such as lady’s t-shirt, ringet t-shirt, cap, etc..then we want to change this title to reflect the correct product type name, instead of saying T-shirt.

11. Add new field to the products table called ‘customize_link’. We will make values be 0 or 1. If we use 1 as the value on the product, we will show the button located here: http://www.mysite.com/includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_customize.gif whos hyperlink directs to customize.php for that product. It will be located directly below the image of the t-shirt switcher on product_info.php. If the value is 0, then we will not show the button or link to the customizer. We will then remove the link to the customizer on all products next to the Reviews button.

I will give you my site domain once you review my requirements and bid on my project accordingly.

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