Flash Header & Install

Flash Header & Install
Im looking for a professional custom flash header for www.BiteAWin.com and I also want the Bid Win Own auctions are active between 9:00am and 23:00PM EST Time changed to (All Auctions on Bite A Win run 24/7)

For flash header design I want a shark that comes and bites the edge of a flat screen TV and I would like the items to be in water and I would like some coral and crabs,Starfish and fish on the header too, Header must also have the words Bite A Win on it. I will send some sample products that I would like to be on the header like TV, Ipod, Snowboard, Mustang symbol, Computer ect.

The attached file has some of the example items that I want on the header.

A good example of a header I want is at www.bidcactus.com

I would like 3 example headers made

Job must be very professinal and I have a few other websites that Im going to be working on and I may consider you again if Im happy with the job.

All Bidders must be able to Contact me by phone and speak clear english so I can better explain on what I want done.

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