Appraisal Site Clone

Appraisal Site Clone
Need a custom CMS system created that’s as mix of PHPFox and Central Desktop.

Site closest to in comparison:

Needs to have three sections, one for lender, one for appraiser, and admin backend. Needs to have the following:

Ability to invite appraiser to join site
Chart of appraisers and their turnaround times, activeness
Add/delete appraiser
Search for appraisers according to city, county, or radius
Add a job that needs appraising that will automatically go and search for appraisers within that area in chronological order.

Jobs will automatically go to appraiser in chronological order according to areas serviced.
Has 24 hours to accept appraisal before it moves to next appraiser on list.
Profile feature, edit info and add in license info, etc.
Invite lenders to join feature
Past appraisals/jobs are stored, categorized by active, completed, and pending – is searchable by location, address, etc.
Edit/set price for different forms/jobs
Add sub profiles for workers in company. Only main admin can accept/decline jobs. Sub profiles can only work on jobs and nothing else.

Rewards program to redeem points (points according to how many people accept invite to join)
Monthly invoicing and payment gateway
View past statements and payments
Donation page

Add/delete users
Mass e-mails to members
View current activities, messaging
Invite to join

Please give estimates.

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