Emeeting Php Abuse Plug In

Emeeting Php Abuse Plug In
Emeeting Abuse report system

I need a plug in to the Emeeting software

The Plug in should be working with emeeting script and do the following

Members can report

-Blog post
-Classifieds ad
-Photo Video Song

After x different member with different IP reported the member will be suspended an a email sent to the admin and to the member.


Other Emeeting user can use this script but they have to get a API or code from me to use it. Should put a link back to me in their footer.


a small script plug in that pause when you send email to member. Just so you can put in how many email per min you want to send.

I will provide

A working script from emeeting to test on.
A system that another website have that is easy to use the text.


No advance
Payment after tested script working on my server
Pay Pal or Scriptlance
No escrow

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