Website Structure Assistance

Website Structure Assistance
I need help with my current website setup.

Right now I have one client company I am working with on this site with just one of their sales teams. I produce one web page for them a week. It contains one critique video. It also has a link to a download of my comments from the video and a link to a training page. My training page lessons have 4 videos and downloads and a quiz.

With this product I would produce around 50 pages with videos per year. That would be for just one team at just one company. Some companies may have 4 or more teams. That comes to 200 pages a year for one company. If this works I could have over 50 companies. That could be 10,000 pages per year. I need a website structure that can scale out to that size and yet be small in the very beginning. Right now I have a wordpress site hosted by

The way I see it I have 3 options (But I am not a IT person there may be a 4th or 5th option)

1) I thought of having sub domains for each company so it would be easy to keep all their growing pages separate. Someone told me I could install a separate wordpress program and point it to the sub domain with my hosting company.
2) I could just make a separate website for each company critique pages and link the sites to a hub site that would contain my training lessons. I’ll eventually have well over 100 training pages.
3) I could have just one big site. They say there are ways of organizing it so it will work.
My concern is I don’t want to have a website confusing mess on my hands especially in the beginning when I’m doing most everything myself (and not being a technical person). I need to organize it in a way that I can logically grow maybe in stages.

Can you tell me in general terms how you would suggest to do this and is this something you could set up for me?

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