Batch Delete Phpbb 2.0 Members

Batch Delete Phpbb 2.0 Members
Create a batch job php script that will delete members from PHPBB 2.0.16 based on text list of email addresses.


Read a text file containing list of email address.
each email on single line.
If list is empty, do nothing – exit job

For each email address, find a member in PHPBB database and delete it.
Do not delete posts. Only Member and group assosiation information
If member not found, continue next member

Simple webpage that takes name of the file containing email addresses and Submit button to do the job.
Text file assumed to be in the same location where script file is.

Output every member name and email address that was successfully deleted
If deleting member is unsuccessful or not found, output member name and email address and error information and continue to the next member

Please do not use PHP5 syntax
I understand that this is a fairly simple script and should not take more than couple of hours for an experience programmer.

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