Gumtree Dot Com Clone Websit 2

Gumtree Dot Com Clone Websit 2
I am looking for someone to set up a classified ads website similar to the gumtree. I have had a look over the net but can only find some cheap crap php template website. Im after something like the gumtree or
i want the website to have the same listing sections as the gumtree. However i would like them to be able to post pictures and leave their contact details (as on the gumtree).
In the admin section, i would like to be able to adjust the price from free to £££ depending on the section. For e.g if someone wants to advertise in the business section, i will charge £2.99 for a week etc etc…
In other words, i want a clone of the gumtree but different colours and design. There are some really good websites for sale online, however they all display the $ sign instead of £.
I want the website displaying dollars and areas to be all counties in the UK.

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