Online Flash Mixer

Online Flash Mixer
We need to create an online track mixer with the following specifications:

– Accept / Upload Music in MP3 format from a database of uploaded mp3 files
– Play this music on site whith a share functionality for Facebook ( Other networks ( a GUI for it.)
– User can pick up two tracks from the entire database ( categorized as per the DJ’s) -> Add preset sound effects -> Play -> add to My Playlist – Name it (Id4 tagging ) share and Save
– All tracks should start with a theme track.
– We at the backend should be able to download these clips for judging purposes. Convert to MP3

Keep in Mind:
– Multiple sessions / multiple usage of the same track
– Analytics
– Vote Rate and share across the board
– Popularity listing.
– Page UI and App UI
– Branding
– Graphics

We will provide the branding graphics and tracks

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