Couriers/messengers Software

Couriers/messengers Software
Need a program to handle a LOCAL transportation courier/messenger service orders. The program MUST be a full clone of OnTime Management & Dispatch ( or CourierComplete ( I need ALL the functions working the same. I also need it to look nice, as the sites mentioned above. Both sites have detailed explanation of their software functions and capabilities. Please make sure you take the time to review module by module before even responding to this bid.

Among other things, the program will be able to:

– create transportation service orders from registered customers who call in for packages to be picked up at one place and delivered to another place in a specific time frame and date specified. Each job will have its own consecutive control number, and will be updated as it progresses.
– create scheduled orders or routes for those recurring jobs on specific time-frames.
– rate jobs according to service type, distance traveled, pieces and weight, waiting times at either pickup and/or delivery points, overtime or out of business hours, and other additional charges. It should be able to determine how many miles are from a zipcode to another zipcode by using the API code from mapping programs such as Mapquest, or by any other means.
– it will also determine paying chart for drivers during each job in percent of the cost of the job.
– it will generate many reports based on data available, per customer, driver, dates, job number etc.
– it will generate a detailed invoice report with consecutive numbers in pdf format per customer, that can be emailed to each customer automatically if possible or printed out. Invoice will indicate job#, date, caller name, time called, pickup location, delivery location, time delivered, name of signature at delivery point, and details on the charges for each job such as service type requested, base cost, fuel surcharge, waiting times, overtimes and total.
– it will generate pay statements per drivers in a specific period of time with same details as invoices.
-Access to a screen that will show summary of active jobs, indicating if assigned to a driver or not, organized by drivers id number, and showing quick summary of pickup and delivery locations, delivery time frames, and pickup and delivery status to help visualize status of jobs. Jobs cleared are removed from screen.

Databases should have among other things to speed up order taking and ratings. Order taking should be easily achieved by dispatcher in less than 15 seconds. This is accomplished by maintaining a complete database of calles and locations previously saved which pop up as dispatcher takes teh order. Some of the databases will inlcude:
(1) customers details including billing and order entry defaults;
(2) name of common callers specific to customers,
(3) common pickup and delivery points specific to customers for easy filling out orders;
(4) service types (leisure, standard, rush, other); service types determine in how much time are jobs to be accomplished and what rate chart to use.
(5) cost tables based on distance between pickup and delivery zip codes, service types, and other considerations to be discussed;

Software should have different levels of administrative privileges to keep lower level users/dispatchers from accessing vital information that only administrators should have. Administrators will be able to determine what areas of the program will a user have access to.

– Program should work online with access over the internet to the databases linked to software in local computer so work can be handled from anywhere. Continous automatic update between local pc and internet server. If intrnet is down, program is 100% workable. It will update the servers database once the internet is restored.

– generate invoicing and drivers settlement reports that can be used on accounting software to save time from duplicaying the information manually for accounting purposes(Quickbooks)

Samples of other companies’ programs to get idea of the application program:

Please do not bid if you do not have experience on similar projects. This is no regular flash or eCommerce website program but a complete Business Application. Don’t waste your time and mine if you can’t duplicate either program exactly.

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