Locating Mobile Phone

Locating Mobile Phone
I have a company of various departments with drivers in each department. I need a system to track every driver’s movement through their mobile phone. Each department can track all the drivers under its department and not the drivers from other department. I as a administrator can control access to these users. Allocating, assigning, enabling and removing each handset client to each users.

I need
1 x Client for Blackberry handheld
1 x Client for Window Mobile Handheld
1 x Webpage that display Location of mobile phone location using Google Map. The webpage will be used by our side to integrate with other parts of the website.

The client is installed in the mobile phone so that it could report its location through buildt-in gps. Upload the coordinates into the webserver MYSQL and upon opening the web page it could display the location of the handheld using google map.

– Client must be activated upon startup automatically.
– Client will work at the background with little signature.
– Client cannot be disabled unless with controller password.
– Allow to configure the interval of each uploading of coordinates by controller.
– Able to set up different user accounts in the webpage.
– Each handset are allocated individual ID so as administrator can set privileges to different users who can view only different handheld set as according to their access allowed.
– Webspage able to plot route of coordinates and display it on google map.
– Webpage able to search for history for the route travelled. Example From 28Jan2010 18:00hr – 28Jan2010 18:30hr will plot the route in between the time given.
– Webpage able to display multiple location of different handheld set at the same time.

I deal with only Escrow. Thank you.

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