Php Website

Php Website
Hi… I need someone to duplicate a website that uses PHP (and possibly CGI).

It’s a double glazing quote calculator. You can see it at

This calculator works out a quote based on your input of measurements and image choices.

I need this calculator duplicated on my own website. I need all sections duplicated – the details form, and all calculators – windows, doors, conservatories, and quote total.

I will also need the site to be slightly redesigned so it looks different. It will have a slightly different look, colours, fonts, texts, graphics etc.

I will detail these design changes in full when you get the job.

Also.. some of the fields may be need to be altered slightly (different prices etc)… but apart from a few changes here and there, the duplicated calculator will work just the same as the original.

I look forward to working with you 🙂


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