Dynamic Website/shopping Cart

Dynamic Website/shopping Cart
This will be a fairly large project. I am looking to develop a website script that will combine the best aspects of three different scripts I currently have:
1. Full script for benchmarking but NOT COPYING
2. Full script were we have full permission to re-use as much of the script as we want
3. A site I have in development is using this script. Functionality will be benchmarked, however the script itself is coded.

After the key functionality and other best functionality have been merged, then we will be adding some new functionality that hasn’t been done before.

I will be using this script/site to replace one site and then to sell as a product.

Once this product is done, I will then need to develop 4 to 5 smaller executable scripts that will function as complementary products.

I am expecting this project, to include the additional complementary products, to take a total of 9 months to complete. Sooner for an experienced php & java script programmer.

I will require an Non-Disclosure Agreement and Non-Compete agreement before divulging websites, current script codes and business requirements for technical requirement development.

This is a big initiative, however we have great functionality benchmarking available and base scripts to use to increase the speed of development.

If interested please let me know.

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