Multi Leagues

Multi Leagues
Hi all,

I’m looking for a team to do a website that can run any type of tournaments and leagues. From point leagues like soccer and NFL to xp gaming leagues.

The website must have (its a lot)=

Fast , server friendly Code with a single MySQL Database
Simple Installation with help files
Suitable For All Game and Platform Types (FPS, Sports, PS3, PC, etc)
Javascript Effects To Smooth Everything Out

Ladder and Tournament Features
Unlimited Ladder Capacity (Singles, Team)
Unlimited Tournament Capacity (Singles, Team)
Automated Team XP Ranking System
Challenge Based System on ladders
Report a WIN as well as a loss on ladder and tournament matches
Automatic randomized first round entrants on Tournaments
Strike / Warning System
Automatic Byes on odd tournament brackets
Play-by-dates for each round on Tournament brackets
Map Randomizer
Game Mode randomizer
Ladder Page Organized By Admin Defined Groups
Platforms or Game Genres as a top grouping level
Clan Manager With Profile Editor, and War Light
Members Can Join Current Teams, or Make Their Own.
Team Leaders can copy existing teams to new ladders
Clan Profile Page With Full Contact Details (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Co-L AIM, ect.)
Ladder standings with Crown, Blasts, Stats, XP
King System (War for Crown)
Automatic Ticket creation on disputed results
Pay-To-Play Ladders and Tournaments
Comprehensive MatchFinder system

Social Networking Features
Each Members Gets Their Own Mailbox With Team Invites, And Friend Invites
Integration on registration and latest forum posts with PHPBB3.0 and Vbulletin
Member Profiles With Contact Information, About Me, Comments And More
Friends System / Ability To Become Private
Members Can Comment on News
Easily add cool blocks such as Live Chat, anything PHP based
Dynamic GamerCards integrated into site, showing stats with selectable graphics

Admin Control Panel
Admin Control Panel / Staff System
Easily add News, change the video and news ticker
Different specific Permissions For Each Staff Memberand role
Easily create and edit ladders and tournament
Ticket support system
Manage Pay 2 Play events
General script configuration settings

Other Special Features
Advertisement Areas
Drop-down menu system
Ability to change the Block positions
Full Featured Free Agent System With Commenting
Full Search System By ID or Name
Staff Applications

• Fully automated ladder ranking system allowing an unlimited number of ladders.
• Can be run as a stand-alone web site or integrated into a pre-existing site.
• Teams/Players ranked using complex ranking algorithm for more accurate ranking.
• Customizable ranking system to suit your needs.
• Installed easily in minutes.
• Fully customizable design.
• Ability to Edit Ladder and Tournament general settings from control panel.
• Suitable for all game types especially action games, sports, card&board games and strategy games.
• Built in theme system allowing you to switch between different layouts and designs in seconds.
• Users can select their own themes which activate when they login.
• Design your own themes easily, if desired.
• Alternatively, integrate the ladder code into your web site design. HTML knowledge required.
• Create unlimited ladders for team play or 1v1 play. Users need only sign up once.
• Advanced Admin system with separate admin accounts for each admin.
• Multiple admin access levels. Assign varying access rights to different admin accounts.
• Admins can report matches and edit challenges.
• Higher level admins can ban ips, edit/create ladders and edit/create admin accounts..
• Fully automated and highly advanced challenge feature.
• Each ladder can be set by you to be challenge-only, open-play only or both together.
• Rank, last rank, wins, losses, games played, streak, win percentage etc. recorded for each player account.
• Full contact info for each player and team account including email, website, MSN, AIM, Yahoo etc.
• Personal profile for each player and team including all their contact information, stats and logo.
• Country flag for each player and team which shows in profiles and on ladder.
• Fully automated sign-up and validation system.
• Completely automated ladder system, standings and statistics updated immediately after report.
• Player login to report matches, change account details and make challenges.
• Team leaders can login and invite/add new members to their team account.
• Match page listing all recent match results and details.
• Optional banner rotation.
• Lightning fast MySql database.
• Rules and staff page can be changed from admin control panel.
• Search page allowing users to search for individuals or teams.
• Newsletter function allowing admins to email all users on the ladder system.
• News shown on main page, either in headline format or in full story.
• Choose whether to have user or admin validation of accounts.
• Complete tournament system allowing multiple tournaments to be run at the same time.
• Run fully automated tournaments with anywhere from 4 to 512 players/teams per tournament.
• Players can sign up to tournaments using ladder team accounts.
• Support for numerous tournament types including double elimination.
• Admins can report tournament results to ladder system with click of a button.
• Tournaments can be run by admins via the ladder admin control panel.
• Admins can create,delete or edit tournaments with ease from the admin control panel.
• Admins can open/close signups, add/edit tournament rules and descriptions and much more.
• Fully automated visual brackets webpage showing latest results and progress to all.

4 types of leagues

1. Time trial software, people doing a qualifying sport e.g. motor racing. Can enter their time online and go up the leader board they have to arrange a time challenge (set by date and time) and then send in a ticket with their time on it (but can only be updated by staff once they see the ticket with their time and proof) Any Ladder can have any of the 4 leagues software?
2. Set points and fixture software like the soccer league and Indy car. Teams enter then after a cut off date set by staff the teams will be given matches to play at certain dates and times (set by staff) over a certain length of time (a season or 2months ect set by staff). If they win the match they get 3 points if they draw 1 and if they loose 0 staff can change the points.
3. Same as above for soccer but more than one team in one fixture like Indy car racing with points for 1st – 6th but can have up to 8 people in one race. For example if 8 people are racing who ever is first gets for example 10points 2nd 8points 3rd 6points 4th 4ponts 5th 2points 6th 1point and the rest none
Example Site for football=
4. Invite Only Leagues done by staff for example over 18’s only which staff would need to verify their age before letting them in (Staff with 100 rated Permission Only can accept people into these leagues)

User groups category can be used for new leagues e.g. soccer and time trial (if can be done).

1. Player ID’s (e.g. Psn ect and I can change what is required to be filled in) on team pages
2. Player Id’s / players names on profile pages, PSN one needs Fixed and adding a new profile field doesn’t work so needs fixed as well.
3. Challenge Screen extended options e.g. 3 frags on/off part doesn’t work (then what to set it to on or off bit) so needs fixed as well
4. Members cap for teams e.g. doubles ladders ect
5. Pop up message saying when you have been challenged on a members profile page or the home page when they click into the site
6. Ref lights on staff page (for all staff) to say that they are available to ref (blue light to say available) Like war light, can be turned on for a certain period of time.
7. People can upload Live Stream to their profile pages and team page, just need a box so people can add the code into on edit pages and a box 200 X 200 on the page.
8. Add apply to join a team to team pages
9. Team names can be hidden or shown on match finder

Example sites are and

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