E-commerce Site

E-commerce Site
I need a complete clone of www.iwantoneofthose.com with all the features.

I’m looking for a professional website designer, to design a creative modern, appealing online store for selling products just like an original site with CMS so that everything can be edited and user friendly for the Administrator

I cannot stress that this website needs to be completly the same as www.iwantoneofthose.com very visually appealing and made to the highest degree.

The site will be made in english language but you will need to provide me with the abbility to translate it to my native language (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Slovenian).

Here are just some of needed functionalities:
– User authorization
– Selecting a product catalog.
– Open pop-up window.
– Adding pre-defined clipart from Library(with cathegories).
– Adding text (Must support Cyrillic fonts)
– Open and Save designs (After login)
– Integrated inventory management
– Site search
– Feedback support
– Need a back-end where we can add and remove products, update & adjust prices, quantities & text ect on a daily basis.
– Blog for customers to post ideas, thoughts, ect.
– Need a secure Payment center / Shopping Cart for credit cards; auto confirmations of a purchase
– Order price calculations based on Product + design + Delivery.

Other functionalities you will find by checking the original site.

If you comply with these requirements, please confirm your bid, and send me a draft (demo)

Imperion Grupa Ltd.

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