Wpmu Plugin Auto-post Out

Wpmu Plugin Auto-post Out
Wordpress Plugin –
I am looking for a WPMU plug-in that will do the following:
1) look for a scheduled post.. with pre defined ‘tags’
2) auto publish that post to well know ezine sites x days before WP schedule date

bonus feature (may pay more) –
on posting blog ask “post now or post to ezine”?
if ezine – auto post to ezine site
check the post is live on the Ezine (daily) site then publish on wp site when live (as though user has used “post now” option to trigger rss and other plug-ins like twitter etc.

To apply
state any experience of auto publishing to sites like these
state the number of days it will take after project assignment before handover can be expected (I’d rather accurate than a artificial date to suggest you will be quick)
State your experience in developing WPMU plug-ins

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