Need Custom Php Event Calendar

Need Custom Php Event Calendar
We love working with ScriptLance programmers and want this to be a positive experience for all. Having said that…

First: no agencies whatsoever. period. thank you.

Second: if you’re able to provide an example of your work that’s SIMILAR IN FUNCTION to what we’re describing below, please do, and explain why it’s similar and how we can see that for ourselves. We have little interest in long lists of links to unrelated projects cluttering up the message board.

Onto the project! We have a CMS that we’re building for a variety of different clients; many of them are non-profits and have events such as fundraisers, golf outings, banquets, and seminars that require registrations. At the same time, many of their events don’t require any registration at all, or even have details (such as holidays, a board meeting, etc.).

In 10 years I’ve yet to find a good calendar that will accommodate this niche, mostly because calendar scripts are focused on the masses and not to any specific type of audience. Plus they’re built to stand on their own, whereas ours needs to integrate into our own proprietary CMS.

attached is the outline and requirements for the calendar. I have a 4-week turnaround time. We can be available via chat on our own website or via email, from 8-4 EST. You’ll receive access to our testing server, phpMyAdmin and a user account for our demo CMS. We expect you’ll respect the existing files in our demo CMS and not tamper with them without our approval.

the goal here is to get the database, admin and registration functions of this calendar working while focusing less on design. There are so many options available for calendar design and each of our clients wants something different; we’ll need some basic views which we’ve outlined but nothing more…so hopefully this will keep our cost down.

Also, we’ve outlined a variety of features in the attached document…some of them may be better suited for future additions to the script if budget and/or timing become an issue.

It’s also possible that if we find the right programmer for this project that we’ll have future work for them to help us make our CMS a very powerful tool for our clients.

Thank you!

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