Calendar Program Using Skype

Calendar Program Using Skype
I hired GlobalTech to build this program, but after 6 months they still cant get the primary application working using Skype to place reminder and appointment calls as set up in the calendar. I wanted to type a message , event or appointment and have the calendar call the individual or group of individuals as set up in the calendar.

They finished the basic calendar , it will send an email or text message but can not call.

I’m looking for someone to complete the project and get the skype interface working. Also want to sell subscriptions to local businesses that will use the web site for outbound telemarketing and or to remind patients of appointments.

check out what they have done at

ps.. I have already paid them $500 of the $750 they bid…

I’m looking for a family based calendar program written in Visual Studio/VB that will allow me and my family to schedule appointments and or events and have those event reminds transmitted to me and my distribution list as Text , Voice messages or email. For example I want to set up a call to my elderly mom to take her medicine every night, or go to her doctor appointment. I also want to communicate to my club members the location of our next meetings.

I need the system to support multiple signons for the whole family to keep their own separate calendars. The calling feature should read a text message and via SKYPE call out with the event messages.

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