Youtube Desktop Application

Youtube Desktop Application
Hello Coders,

I am looking for a desktop application that analysis youtube videos for marketing purposes.

First of all , I would like to application to be developed with a programming language that allows it to work on PCs and MACs… Maybe Adobe Air would be a good solution but I am open for suggestions.

The Application should do the following things:
A- Tracking your own videos – multiple accounts from 1 place. and by that , it needs to track the comments, the daily views, the insight graphs and regional locations in youtube’s account preferences all to be displayed in out application.

B- Scheduler, which will simply get a set of videos a marketer is interested in, and would track the daily growth of views , ratings, and current position in the results of the youtube videos based on 1 or more keyword also applied by the user of the application.

C- Youtube Market Research on steroids, this part should be discussed further privately, and its the most important part in the application, I am also open for suggestions from capable coders… what info are we capable of getting off of youtube, and how to make sure we wont get blocked.

D- Potential market tracking. (Video Daily or weekly tracking – interest, ranking per certain keywords and daily views).

E- Tracking your links in your Youtube videos, this should be the easiest part to implement, its simple a link tracking mini-system.

We will talk more about it in private, just please ONLY bid if you’re sure you can do everything you talk about, PLUS, please suggest any additional features you might thing will come in handy, I would finally appreciate if you know any similar existing applications like the one I am looking for.


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