Script Finished By 31st

Script Finished By 31st
I have this script on a very advanced stage of development. The programmer stopped responding, so I need this done by tomorrow (January 31th).
The idea is to have a booking calendar for courses on a website.
The script is almost done. Just some modifications are needed:

* After the booking and payment are made through Paypal, make the IPN verification and change the payment status on the database

* Deal with the e-mail sending (both to registrar and site owner), after the payment is made, to confirm that the user is registered on the course.

* Add the course location on the calendar itself (title) for each course and an hover solution with the course description (easily done with jQuery)

End the admin interface:
* The page where all the registrations are listed (and may be filtered by Course).

* For each registration all the options chosen in that particular registration (if the user chose to buy the course book, how much he has paid, …)

* A students page where the admin may see all the students details (Name, E-mail, Payment made, Money still owed, reference number, etc…)

* A page where the admin can see all the referrals (how many referees each user has)

* A page to display the information on another table (friends)

* Student registers and is given a unique key that my client can search as – a student reference number. It will be so he searches and the reference number 3543643 goes to Ala Norm and he can see, edit and do anything with that persons information, including set payment status from partially paid to paid

* Integrate the script into the website design.

* Finish the login system for the back-end. The table with the users is created, just create the login form.

* Finish all of the back-end that has not been completed, including students, SEO Report, etc…


This has already been done:

((I am getting bids of $400 and up on this… My original programmer charged $230 for all of it combined, so I will only pay a fraction of this….))

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