Cms Updates And Design Fixes

Cms Updates And Design Fixes
I need the following CMS/Website Updates compelted:

1) Want backend CMS to allow me to input/change the following to allow me easier on page SEO updates.

title tags (for EACH page)
header tags (for each page)
meta descriptions (for Each page)
meta keywords (for each page)
footer tags (for each page)
image alt tags (for each page)

2)Set up a Google analytics account for my page, and fully integrate w/CMS (Also Set up google sitemap, msn & yahoo sitemaps for my specified email address)

3) Fix my “portfolio” & testimonials page, I cannot update correctly right now. Need it so when I add portfolio links they open in new tab and are masked to search engines (should be able to control this via CMS.

4)Create a “sitemap page”/”client login page”/”pay now page” (just paypal button option)link pages and sitemap link in footer. These pages must match design style of my current website.

5)Make Custom 404 Page that fits design of my current page and contains Google 404 page widget

6)Ability to manage 301 redirects via CMS

7)”new” Page templates (I can currently create new pages via my CMS, I want to have 3 different page templates available to choose from when creating pages) that fit my current design. All new created pages should have same on page SEO capability as mentioned above.

9) Straighten out spacing on my main toolbar and footer and allow me to change toolbar titlewords via backend CMS

10) Fix scroll bar on main banner. Scroll bar operates correctly, just the “Design” image does not fit the scroll area correctly, PM me for details.

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