Completing Existing Software

Completing Existing Software
I have a software that was recently developed. I have cut ties with the developer and I am trying to have the project finished. There is not much to be done, but there are some additions and changes that I would like made. What the software does, is it connects to an API, and gathers data, and then displays the data in the software under a bunch of different graphs. Specifically, the data is data from eBay recording the sales taking place. The software connects to that source and analyzes the data from all of the sales. It tells the client how to optimize his/her sale, so that they can expect the maximum amount of money. I am having a few issues with the software that need to be fixed. I also need a few graphs created and integrated with the software. And, I would like the overall look of the site to be a little bit more modern looking.

You need to have experience ASP.NET coding

I have another software that I am working on too, so there is definitely work needed for other projects if this goes well.

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