Volusion Site Work

Volusion Site Work
I’m willing to pay $100-150 for this work. It must be done in 14 days.

Here are the projects that need to be addressed in order of priority:
1. Landing pages to have pop-ups to better leverage PPC campaign
2. Make the site more user friendly visually and functionally
o Better/easier access to Learn About Diabetes/Diabetes Facts
o User friendly landing page for the Community elements
 (please note that the corporate blog will be created by another company)
3. Identify and address re-direction of lost content from old site (www.ImTypeXXXXFree.com)remove the XXXXX
4. Apply the Google news feed to Diabetes In the News
5. Create/integrate Landing Page for – Links and Resources
6. Create/integrate landing page for – Interactive learning (quizzes and puzzles, can the customized ones be updated?)
7. Better/easier, more user friendly access to Newsletter archive
8. We will continue to discuss the effectiveness of the Google Custom Search
9. We need to update the BBB code in the footer
10. We need to insert Twitter icon in the footer
11. Need to edit the Newsletter icon/graphic to have a stronger call to action
12. Other clean-up code work that you have identified
13. Other ideas that exist for us to optimize the site further

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